7th Edition

The Dinosaur Game

Survival or Extinction ®

Overcome Natural Disasters, Avoid Famine, & Fend Off Attacks

An Educational Board Game For Ages 5 & Up. Reader and Non-Reader Play Versions Included

Winner of 11 Industry Awards

Play as one of 16 dinosaurs! Over 140 playing pieces.

Not a trivia game! Requires no previous knowledge of dinosaurs. Instead, the players learn as they play.


Each player becomes a dinosaur, receives a description card that tells about your prehistoric self, such as whether you are a carnivore or herbivore, what habitat you live in and how you rate on various characteristics from intelligence to defenses.

Your goal as a dinosaur is to survive by reaching the finish square first. To do this you must overcome obstacles such as Natural Disasters, Attacks from your dinosaur opponents and food shortages. The game uses an indirect learning style, which means that it is primarily fun yet educational too!

The game includes over 130 exciting playing pieces and a Dino-Die. Also, two versions of the game are included in the instructions allowing different play for readers and non-readers. For ages 5 and up.


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